TSP (Tablet Survival pack)

 Suitable for all iPad models, Microsoft Surface, Galaxy, Kindle Fire, and any other tablet up to 15mm in thickness.

 Not just another tablet stand! This is your ergonomic interface between you and your tablet.

The TSP has been awarded the coveted FIRA ERGONOMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD for the unique and outstanding ergonomic benefits it offers the user. Not only can a compact keyboard up to 153mm X 300mm be stored underneath the TSP to make agile working easier and keep your travel case tidier. But the TSP also easily configures into an ergonomic tablet stand lifting your tablet 240mm above the worksurface to significantly improve the viewing height and angle when compared to normal tablet stands. The tablet is securely help in position by our new innovative Tab Lock system.


  • Compactly folds for easy transportation.

  •  Supports tablets in portrait and landscape.

  •  Compact keyboard storage (keyboard not included).

  •  2 Angle settings

  •  Tablets secured by our innovative Tab lock system.

  •  Supplied with outer plastic case.

  •  Non-slip rubber feet.

 Compactly folds to just 322mm x 160mm x 26mm and weight just 210 grams!