U Slope  

This unit does not have the same adjustment mechanism as the U SLOPE PRO

(Mini version of the U Slope available on request)

The U Slope is easy to adjust, and suitable for use with monitor arms, monitor blocks and laptops on laptop stands.

The U Slope is easy to adjust. 5 angle settings to ensure you find the correct setting to suit. 

The U Slope allows you to correctly bring the document to you, rather than being forced to lean forward to reach the document and place extra strain on your upper limbs. The unit can lock at the front of the desk, and release to easily slide back to a copy holder position.

  • Document Holder? - Built In!
  • Adjustable Reading Slope? - Built In!
  • Adjustable Writing      Slope? - Built In!
  • Book Holder? - Built In!
  • File Holder? - Built In!
  • 5 Levels of adjustment!
  • Powerful magnet supplied.
  • Line Guide – Available (not on mini version).
  • 5 Angles from 8° - 55°.

Standard: W 530mm, D 320mm, H 110mm(min) Weight: 3.2kg.

Mini:         W 430mm, D 320mm, H 110mm(min) Weight: 2.9kg.