The unique Copytron is the only in-line copy holder specifically designed to fit and interact seamlessly with the Ergotron Workfit T, Worfit TL and Workfit Z Mini sit/stand desktop conversions.

Designed with the cooperation of Ergotron UK, the Copytron is profiled to sit seamlessly on the top surface of the Ergotron units offering the added benefit of an ergonomic A3 in-line copy holder at a comfortable viewing angle of 17 degrees. The rear of the unit is set at 100mm to ensure full visibility of monitors located directly on the sit/stand unit. The open rear design of the Copytron allows space beneath for the base of the monitor.


  • Non-slip feet offer secure location and stability.
  • Anti-glare and anti-reflection top surface.
  • Removable rigid shelf with 3 position options.
  • A3 document support.
  • Just 1050 grams.